Sécurité Clients

Our motorways are 5 times safer than other road networks in France. But road safety is a constant challenge, so Sanef continuously rolls out awareness-raising actions in order to bring about a lasting change in driving behaviour.

Listen to the voices of Sanef: in complete safety

There are numbers that we do not like to see increase. For Sanef, these are accident figures. Over the past two years, Sanef has noted an increase in personnel injured by road traffic, with more than 30 accidents involving them since the start of the year. Safety is therefore more than a necessity for the Group.

Our daily life: supervising and intervening

Visuel PCE - Poste central d'exploitation

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our teams monitor our networks and are always on hand to deal with any type of event: to provide assistance for breakdowns or accidents, to remove debris on the carriageway or set up warning signs in roadwork areas.

Their work is coordinated by 3 traffic control centres spread around the networks that use operation support systems, loop counters and video surveillance to gather information and, within a very short space of time, transmit it to the drivers mainly through variable message signs and radio Sanef 107.7.

Active partnership with community-based networks, such as Waze for example, boosts the exchange of this information.





Traffic Control Centres




weather stations



Variable Message Signs


radio Sanef 107.7 studios for round-the-clock traffic updates


roadside emergency telephones

Breakdown and Recovery Services


patrols closely monitor our networks and provide assistance

25 000

assistance operations on our networks every year