Sécurité Clients

Our motorways are 5 times safer than other road networks in France. But road safety is a constant challenge, so Sanef continuously rolls out awareness-raising actions in order to bring about a lasting change in driving behaviour.

Travel in complete safety

Visuel PCE - Poste central d'exploitation

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our teams monitor our networks and are always on hand to deal with any type of event: to provide assistance for breakdowns or accidents, to remove debris on the carriageway or set up warning signs in roadwork areas.

Their work is coordinated by 3 traffic control centres spread around the networks that use operation support systems, loop counters and video surveillance to gather information and, within a very short space of time, transmit it to the drivers mainly through variable message signs and radio Sanef 107.7.

Active partnership with community-based networks, such as Waze for example, boosts the exchange of this information.



The methods and means implemented


There are numerous and complementary actions:

  • An annual report on motorway driving behaviour
  • Targeted awareness campaigns to prevent high-risk behaviour
  • Daily radio programmes dedicated to road safety
  • Operations in the field to directly raise awareness of our customers: hypervigilance operations, alternatives to sanctions from law enforcement agencies, Sanef 107.7 live broadcasts from the motorway network
  • Raising awareness through our Twitter feeds, our Sanef/Sapn road safety Facebook page, our ‘Strike a Pose for the Pause’ summer campaign in partnership with the road safety association on Instagram #onposepourlapause
  • Targeted educational programmes for young drivers, lorry drivers, etc.



Traffic Control Centres




weather stations



Variable Message Signs


radio Sanef 107.7 studios for round-the-clock traffic updates


roadside emergency telephones

Breakdown and Recovery Services


patrols closely monitor our networks and provide assistance

25 000

assistance operations on our networks every year