Come to the aid of people experiencing hardship, of those facing difficulties in finding employment: this is the ambition of Sanef and its “buddy” employees.

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Sanef Group employees sponsoring projects


social integration projects supported in 2017 as part of our commitment to community actions


hours of professional integration support in 2017

Sanef Solidaire, Vœux 2020 !

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Sanef Solidaire

"Sanef Solidaire" comes to the aid of people experiencing social exclusion. We finance community projects offering people an opportunity to give fresh impetus to their life and professional integration.

Employees play a vital role in this programme as they oversee these community projects. These “buddies” support various associations at all stages, from preparing their applications to the culmination of their projects. They are the vital link between the association and Sanef’s project selection committee.

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Let’s hear from…

Photo Marie-renée Python, superviseur du centre d'assistance de Senlis

Marie-Renée Python

Who ?

Marie-Renée Python, Supervisor at Senlis support centre

What ?

Marie-Renée is a buddy for Recyclerie du Pays Noyonnais as part of the “Sanef Solidaire” programme run by the Sanef Group to encourage initiatives helping people to get back to work.

Committed to social sponsorship

When I became a buddy in the Sanef Group’s social sponsorship programme, I discovered a new way of getting involved. I already knew Recyclerie du Pays Noyonnais as I had called upon their services when I wanted to clear out my loft and garage. So when it was suggested that I become their buddy, I immediately accepted as I love participating in local life and the idea of supporting professional reintegration really appealed to me. It is a very enriching experience and I encourage my colleagues to get involved in the same way. The project selection committee meets twice a year to assess the needs of associations as presented by the buddy sponsors. Also, it’s great opportunity to be able to share with other buddies. It can lead to financial support, the donation of equipment and materials (furniture, vans, cars, etc.) or simply providing advice and expertise. Personally, I gain enormously from being involved in this community support action.

Photo Marie-Renée Python, supervisor at Senlis support centre