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Given the nature of our activities and our mission of public service, we are very much aware of our environmental corporate social responsibility.
Our environmental CSR policy aims to develop our positive impact on the regions in which we work and to reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring our economic development.

Listen to the voices of Sanef: sustainable trajectory

To talk about the solutions put in place by Sanef to decarbonize the motorway, listen to the interview with Julien Pointillart, the group's Deputy Director of Environment and CSR: (FR)

Our CSR strategy is built on the following approaches:

  • Ensuring the safety of our customers and employees,
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of motorway traffic and our activities,
  • Bolstering our positive contribution to the regions,
  • Demonstrating ethical behaviour and transparency in all our actions,
  • Promoting quality of life in the workplace and developing employability to ensure our employees drive the Group’s performance.

Our CSR policy in action

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Reducing our environmental impact

In order to contribute to mobility decarbonisation, responsible for one-third of CO2 emissions, we are accelerating the implementation of our environmental action plan and CSR with measurable short-term objectives. Our networks have never before undergone such a change since their construction in the 1960s. Future transformations are rallying all our teams and giving new meaning to their commitment.

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Ensuring everyone’s safety

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Because ensuring customer safety can expose motorway staff to great risk when they are working close to traffic, Sanef carries out many different awareness, training and accident prevention campaigns to make sure its motorways and workplaces are increasingly safe and welcoming for all.


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Bolstering our positive contribution to the regions

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At Sanef, we attach great importance to our positive contribution to life in the regions and so we have been working on new sustainable mobility projects with regional elected officials. We not only sponsor culture and tourism in the region, we also support inclusive mobility initiatives to provide access to employment.


Demonstrating ethical behaviour and transparency

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Sanef’s Ethics Charter defines the Group’s principles and values. Integrity, ethics, loyalty, respect for individuals, transparency and the fight against corruption constitute the fundamental values of our Group when conducting business. This Ethics Charter applies to all our employees and stakeholders.

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Promoting equal opportunities and wellbeing in the workplace

At Sanef, we firmly believe that quality of life in the workplace is a vehicle for commitment and performance. To develop employee fellowship and employability, we encourage a cross-disciplinary approach and offer varied careers within the Group.

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