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Sanef, resolutely committed !

Sanef’s CSR policy is built on the following commitments :

  • Promoting more sustainable mobility thanks especially to innovative solutions and services,
  • Ensuring the safety of our customers and our employees,
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our activities, to fight against global warming and to preserve biodiversity,
  • Bolstering our positive contribution to the regions by promoting culture locally and by supporting vocational integration,
  • Promoting quality of life in the workplace and developing employability and careers to ensure our employees drive the Group’s performance,
  • Hold dialogue with our stakeholders, the cornerstone of these ambitions. 

Arnaud Quémard - Directeur Général du Groupe Sanef

The fight against global warming is a major issue for our Company and compels us to work on new, more sustainable types of mobility.

Arnaud Quémard CEO of the Sanef Group

Our commitments in action

Developing eco-responsible mobility

As a pioneer of new types of mobility and advocate of sustainable mobility, the Sanef Group facilitates carpooling for its customers by setting up dedicated carparks in the immediate vicinity of its networks. So day-to-day mobility has become easier, safer and more fun!


Ensuring everyone’s safety

Because ensuring customer safety can expose motorway staff to great risk when they are working close to traffic, Sanef carries out many different awareness, training and accident prevention campaigns to make sure its motorways and workplaces are increasingly safe and welcoming for all.

Fighting against global warming

The Sanef Group rolls out ambitious action plans to protect air and water in order to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities and preserve biodiversity. And because the Group is convinced that behaviour must evolve, it calls upon the responsible innovations of its employees, endorsed by biennial in-house Trophies.

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Supporting culture in the regions and vocational integration

At Sanef, we attach great importance to our positive contribution to life in the regions so we focus on sponsoring culture and vocation integration. And we also support initiatives that provide access to inclusive education and mobility close to our motorways.

Encouraging transversality

At Sanef, we firmly believe that quality of life in the workplace is a vehicle for commitment and performance. To develop employee fellowship and the employability, we encourage transversality among our workforce and offer varied careers within the Group.

Transversalité chez Sanef


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