Alain Minc  - Président de Sanef

Sanef sets itself apart as a pure player in the motorway sector through a bold approach that places innovation at the service of its customers

Alain Minc Chairman of Sanef’s Board of Directors
José Aljaro - CEO d'Abertis

France is a major country for Abertis. We have made massive investments in this country to achieve the operations planned as part of the Motorway Upgrade Initiative.

José Aljaro CEO of Abertis

Sanef : composition of the Board of Directors


  • Alain Minc


  • José Aljaro
  • Martí Carbonell
  • Laura Grau Blasi
  • Gemma Magre
  • André Rogoswki

Independent directors

  • Sylvie Charles
  • Anne-Gabrielle Heilbronner
  • Guy de Panafieu
  • Anne-Marie Idrac

Elected directors representing employees

  • Christophe Mida
  • Sylvie Coimbra (alternate)

SAPN : composition of the Board of Directors

Internal administrators

  • Arnaud Quémard – CEO
  • Christine Allard – Chief Communications, Institutions and CSR Officer
  • Vincent Fanguet – Chief Operating Officer
  • Marie Guilhamon-Paille – Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer
  • SANEF représentée par Aurélie Debauge – Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Ying-Yu Touzot – Chief Financial Officer

External administrators 

  • Bertrand Bellanger – President of the Seine Maritime Department
  • Jean-Léonce Dupont – President of the Calvados Department
  • Pascal Lehongre – President of the Eure Department

A Government Commissioner, representing the grantor, attends the meetings of the Board of Directors without voting rights.