La sécurité des hommes en jaune sur l'autoroute

The men and women wearing their high-visibility, yellow clothing have the task of ensuring motorway safety. But only too often they have to deal with distracted and reckless drivers who drive dangerously close to them and sometimes even crash into them.

La certification ISO 45001

Depuis décembre 2023, nous sommes certifiés ISO 45001.

Cette certification pose le cadre d’un management de la santé et de la sécurité tout entier tourné vers un objectif ambitieux : le zéro accident de travail. Elle ancre durablement notre culture en la matière et nous conduit à améliorer en permanence nos performances.

Listen to the voices of Sanef: life in a yellow suit

The highway functions as an original ecosystem. At first glance, it seems depopulated, entirely devoted to traffic and the services delivered to customers who use its route. On closer inspection, however, we discover a teeming life, made up of a multitude of professions and profiles. Works supervisors, traffic operators, heritage operations managers, motorway workers, etc. Meeting with Mekki Boumedienne, HR Development Manager, and six of our employees. (FR)

Raising driver awareness

To make drivers aware of the safety of our men in yellow, Sanef rolls out numerous operations at its rest areas and network-wide communication campaigns with the support of its radio station Sanef 107.7 and all its means of customer communications.

The Group recently welcomed the French government’s decision to create safety corridors to protect teams working on the motorway.