Concession Sanef et Sapn

Our mission: financing, operating and maintaining our motorways, offering our customers the best conditions in safety and traffic flow, contributing to the development of regions through strong and committed local integration.

The concession model

Concession Sanef

  • A clearly-defined contractual framework with the State, with rights and obligations.
  • Investments and charges strictly regulated by the State.
  •  An obligation of result measured by the State: performance indicators (coupled with penalties) for asset maintenance, customer information and service quality are assessed annually.
  • ARAFER is the government agency regulating motorways in France; it acts as a watchdog with powers of sanction.

A long-term investor

Sanef is currently rolling out an investment plan of unprecedented proportions with over 1 billion euros earmarked for the motorway upgrade initiative (€724M), the A16 motorway extension connecting to the Francilienne, Paris’ outer ring road (€220M), the new motorway investment plan (€122M), and also recurring investments to ensure network maintenance (€100M every year).

The purpose of these projects, designed in consultation with regional authorities and supervised by the State, is to best serve the regions, improve safety and customer service quality, and to protect the environment

Our sole resource: the toll charge

Barrière péage Reims

  • To ensure a high level of safety and service
  • To invest in infrastructure maintenance and development
  • To reimburse borrowings

Where does a €10 toll charge go?

Did you know?

With €417 M paid to the State in the form of taxes and other levies (excluding VAT), Sanef is among the largest contributors to public finance in France.

98% of the Sanef Group’s purchases are made from suppliers located in France.

Our investments in 3 key figures

724 M€

Motorway Upgrade Initiative

122 M€

Motorway Investment Plan

220 M€

A16 motorway extension connecting to the Francilienne, Paris’ outer ring road

replay : timelapse of the construction of the Guerville viaduct (A13)