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In 2020, total operating revenues decreased by -18.4% to 1,474Mn€ mainly impacted by global traffic decrease (-24.6%), following travel restrictions associated to Covid-19 pandemic. A positive LV/HV mix together with toll increase (+0.8%) have partially offset the decrease of operating revenues.
Total investments amounted to 209 Mn€ (Vs. 304 Mn€ Mn in 2019), of which 132Mn€ were dedicated to the concession expansion and 77Mn€ to maintain the quality of the infrastructure.

Key figures 2020

€1,474 Mn

Operating revenues

€ 209 Mn


€ 6.4 Bn

Total Group Debt

Traffic evolution

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted severely the activity of the year 2020. After an average growth rate of 1.4% per year over the years 2017-19, traffic decreased by -24.6% in 2020 due to travel restrictions associated to Covid-19.

Traffic evolution

Traffic measured in average daily traffic. The 2021 traffic is here compared to the year 2019 (before the Covid crisis).

Sanef group debt

Debt amount

€2.2 Bn December 2020
(excl. acquisition debt)
  • Bond Debt : 41%
  • Bank Debt : 59%
  • Debt Average maturity : 4.1 years
  • Average Interest Rate : 3.8% (98% at fixed rate)



Negative outlook

Standard & Poor’s


Negative outlook

Sanef group annual reports