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In 2019, total operating revenues increased by 3.1% to 1,807 Mn€ mainly supported by global traffic increase (+1.0%) and toll increase (+1.7%).
Total investments amounted to 304 Mn€ (Vs. 282 Mn€ Mn in 2018), amongst which 216 Mn€ were dedicated to the concession expansion and 88 Mn€ to maintain the quality of the infrastructure.

Key figures 2019

€1,802 Mn

Operating revenues

€ 304 Mn


€ 5.5 Bn

Total Group Debt

Traffic evolution

With an average growth rate of 1.4% per year over the last three years, Sanef Group’s traffic growth appears stable and resilient.  This trend is mainly explained by the strong increase in heavy vehicles’ traffic. Cumulative traffic growth reached +1.0% in 2019.

Traffic evolution

Traffic measured in average daily traffic

Sanef group debt

Debt amount

€2.5 Bn December 2019
(excl. acquisition debt)
  • Bond Debt : 37%
  • Bank Debt : 63%
  • Debt Average maturity : 4,6 years
  • Average Interest Rate : 3.9% (97% at fixed rate)



Negative outlook

Standard & Poor’s


Negative outlook