Transformation of the Paris-Normandy axis in free flow: the first gantry installed in Heudebouville (junction no. 18)

Pose de premier portique à Heudebouville - autoroute A13

During the night of 13 to 14 September, near the Heudebouville toll gate on the A13 motorway, the teams carried out an important phase for the project: the installation of the first gantry.

This 40-metre-wide equipment will detect and identify vehicles. Customers will be able to pay the toll without stopping at a physical barrier or slowing down. Find below in pictures the course of this special night where the teams had to show coordination and expertise to carry out this operation :

Back in pictures on the installation of the first gantry

Soon, more gantry cranes will be installed on the 13 other sites affected by this major project for the Sanef group.