The quality of working life is an essential component of commitment and performance

At Sanef, we are convinced that the quality of working life drives commitment and performance.

So the Group has invested in numerous actions that animate life at the company and offer our employees an environment in which they can put to best use their entrepreneurial spirit and capacity to innovate.

Support for sporting events, sponsorship of the arts, business innovation challenges, events in our traffic control centres, all these actions contribute to making Sanef a friendly place to work with a strong team spirit.

With us, you will always have the opportunity of sharing your ideas

We consider that encouraging employees to express their opinions and share their ideas enables each individual to be happy in their job and contribute to the company’s development.

So Sanef regularly organises special events during which the spotlight is focused on sharing ideas and where the whole workforce is encouraged to talk about their daily life at work.

Numerous sporting events between colleagues!

The tasting world cup on our premises

Challenge event among our skilled motorway workers

Annual seminar for Sanef managers

After-work recruitment at Sanef head office

Wall-to-wall visit of the Sanef Group’s head office