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Groupe Sanef is committed to professional equality. On this page, see our indexes in 2022.

Gender Equality Index:

Gender Equality Index:
  Bip&Go Sanef Sapn SE BPNL
Results achieved not calculable 92 93 80
Details of the results obtained by indicator:
Wage differentials not calculable 37 38 38
Individual increases 35 20 20 25
Promotion rates (companies with more than 250 employees only) Not concerned 15 15 Not concerned
Salary increases following return from maternity leave Non-calculable 15 15 Non-calculable
Gender distribution of the 10 highest wage earners 10 5 5 5

As part of the collective agreement on Professional Equality between Women and Men and Quality of Life at Work of October 15, 2020, Groupe Sanef has undertaken to monitor quantified indicators to adjust whether necessary its policy on professional equality between women and men, and thus to reduce any inequalities. As examples:

  • Number of women promoted / total number of women and number of men promoted / total number of men;
  • Breakdown by gender in “top management”;
  • Average base salary by socio-professional class, sector and gender;
  • Average base salary by age group and gender;
  • Use of the specific catch-up envelope.

Progress objectives for SE BPNL:

Pay gap:

  • Continue to reduce pay gaps through individual increases during individual pay reviews and dedicated measures to catch up on pay for women and men;
  • Achieve less than 1% pay gap between women and men within 2 years, particularly in master's degrees.

Difference in the distribution of individual increases:

  • Continue to ensure equality in the distribution of raises and promotions while ensuring that they reward the quality of work, commitment and performance of employees;
  • Achieve less than 2% difference in the rate of increase between women and men within 2 years, paying particular attention to the situation of women.

Parity among the 10 highest earners:

  • Be vigilant about promotions and hiring for positions of high responsibility and therefore high pay.
  • Maintain the number of at least 2 women among the 10 highest earners in the next 2 years.

Executives and governing bodies:

As part of the new provisions resulting from law n° 2021-1774 of December 24, 2021 aimed at accelerating economic and professional equality, known as the "Rixain law", the company Sanef makes public its data relating to the representation of women and men among its senior executives and within its governing bodies:

  • Senior executives: 34% women and 66% men,
  • Governing bodies: 25% women and 75% men.