Ultra-fast charging stations at 100% of our service areas

Bornes de rechargement - IRVE - Autoroutes Sanef

To meet the climate change challenge and guarantee the best service on the freeway, Sanef is installing more than 500 ultra-fast electric recharging points at 100% of its service areas by the end of 2022.

facilitated recharging for a serene and massive switch to electric power on the motorway

Sanef has selected three operators with expertise in the installation and operation of charging stations: Engie, Fastned and TotalEnergies. 

The Sanef network, which is already 20% equipped with ultra-fast charging stations and 60% with conventional stations, will see each of its service areas equipped with several ultra-fast charging stations (over 150kW) by the end of 2022.

These stations will allow 80% of the range to be recharged in just 15 minutes (for the latest models of electric vehicles), a charging time equal to the average break time on a freeway service area.

Clean mobility is an essential part of the energy transition, as the transport sector alone is responsible for one third of greenhouse gas emissions. Sanef's responsibility, as a public service delegate, is to adapt the historical motorway model in order to anticipate and support the changes in mobility of the future.

Arnaud Quémard Chief Executive Officer of the Sanef Group


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