Road safety: Sanef Group launches its new awareness campaign about pedestrians on highways

Road safety is a top priority for the Sanef Group, both for its customers and its employees, particularly its intervention highway operators. Sanef launches a new awareness campaign on the safety of "pedestrians", whether they are users or highway agents. Indeed, the risk of being killed as a pedestrian on the highway is five to six times higher than for a motorist!

A new multi-channel and off-beat campaign to raise awareness among a wide audience

In 2017 and 2018, the group’s employees were the spokespersons for delivering road safety messages.

In 2019, the Group opted for a new, more offbeat concept, which also aims to reach young audiences and convey safety messages based on empathy around cartoon characters.

The campaign is deployed from April to September 2019 on 4x3 billboards on all its highways and on Sanef 107.7 with a radio spot (giving voice to the agents' inner voices).

New in 2019: an animated film is being broadcast on all of the Group's digital channels, which will also publish numerical reminders and advices throughout the launch of the campaign.

Employees remain mobilized this year once again in a video of testimonies with an equally offbeat tone "Questions to Sanef agents", which will be broadcast internally and on social networks.

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