Supporting careers and developing employability

Supporting the careers of our employees and developing their skills and employability is a priority for the Sanef Group. Throughout their career path within the Group, we endeavour to best respond to the needs of our employees by setting up appropriate mechanisms.


A tailored integration programme and mentoring systems have been set up in order to accompany new arrivals as they take their first steps at Sanef. Also an annual integration seminar gathers together all our new arrivals.


Numerous training courses designed to meet each person’s needs are available in order to develop our employees’ skills and employability: health and safety, technological and regulatory developments, office equipment and software, languages, etc.

Career management

Sanef aligns performance with opportunities for the development of its employees: we foster experience and acquired skills in order to provide our employees with the opportunity of advancing to other positions with greater responsibility.

Encouraging diverse career paths

Visuel Personnel Sanef

In addition, Sanef encourages career change and diversity: we have great trust in our employees and so we support mobility outside their initial fields of expertise if they are interested in this type of development.

Finally, Sanef places great emphasis on helping students and graduates develop their skills by offering numerous internships and apprenticeship courses with high added value in all the Group’s fields of expertise.

Gender Equality Index:

In addition, the Sanef Group is committed to professional equality. In 2020, the gender equality index reached:

Gender Equality Index:
  Bip&Go Sanef Sapn SE BPNL
Results achieved 94 96 77 92
Details of the results obtained by indicator:
Wage differentials 35 36 37 38
Individual increases 35 20 5 35
Promotion rates (companies with more than 250 employees only) Not concerned 15 15 Not concerned
Salary increases following return from maternity leave Non-calculable 15 15 Non-calculable
Gender distribution of the 10 highest wage earners 10 10 5 5

There are so many different trades and opportunities at Sanef that anyone who is interested can develop their skills and advance their career in new positions.

Marie Bocquet Colleague working in Sanef’s Operations Support Department

I not only had the opportunity of changing trades within the Group but I was also able to drive forward some ideas and projects. I was then given the opportunity of following up on them.

Pierrick Le Puil Transformation manager in the Human Resources Department