An incentivizing remuneration policy

Each of our employees contributes to Sanef’s value chain and that’s why we appreciate their performance and commitment. As such, an incentivizing remuneration policy has been set up. Every year, company profits are shared and incentive bonuses paid. Also, numerous corporate benefits are added to these payments: employee saving schemes, social welfare, retirement, holidays, etc.

Individualized training courses

Formation chez Sanef

Sanef places great emphasis on training and dedicates significant means that equal the safety issues and both individual and collective advancement. Every year, an average 3 employees out of 4 attend at least one training course addressing subjects that meet their needs, with about 19 hours of training for each of them, compared to an average 13 hours in France.

The spotlight on internships and apprenticeships


Our interns and work-study apprentices form an integral part of the teams. We entrust them with added value missions and, therefore, offer them an attractive remuneration package in keeping with these missions. Remuneration applied in relation to the profile and experience of our interns and work-study apprentices is, therefore, often higher than the minimum legal consideration.

We also invest in the training of our interns and work-study apprentices and ensure they develop robust skills during their missions.