Maintaining the network and keeping it safe 24/7

Our teams are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are ready to deal with each and every situation, whether anticipated or unforeseen.

Our employees do scheduled work on the network, particularly to ensure road signs are put in place for roadworks, and also intervene as and when required, to deal with bad weather conditions for example. All this work is supervised by our Traffic Control Centres that ensure customers are able to drive safely at all times on our motorways.

And that’s not all! Our employees also provide maintenance services for heritage sites, green areas and drainage systems along the motorways as well as for the vehicles used to carry out these operations.

Providing traffic updates

Information about traffic is the Sanef teams’ fundamental mission. Their role is to monitor traffic around the clock in order to give live traffic updates to customers, set up management solutions if an exceptional event occurs and provide any necessary information to safety teams and journalists at Radio Sanef 107.7.

The winter season

Winter is the time of the year when work carried out by network safety and traffic management teams is the most visible. It’s a period when the effective responsiveness and expertise of our employees is decisive.

In order to best anticipate adverse weather conditions, they gather information in the field (roadway temperature, for example) and preemptively treat the road surface. When the weather is bad, they intervene to re-establish optimum traffic flow conditions as quickly as possible.

Some examples of different jobs

• Skilled motorway worker
• Traffic management operator
• Head of traffic control centre
• Works supervisor

We are there just at the moment when customers need help. Now that’s what I call being useful!

Jean-Baptiste Devigne Skilled Motorway Worker at the Amiens control centre

Safety is a priority for the Sanef Group

Videos of our different jobs