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Providing daily support to employees and boosting the company’s performance

Our organisation places operating management at the heart of the company to support our core business: the motorway and its customers. Support functions accompany these branches of management in their daily tasks and work towards modernizing our group both internally and in the way we focus on the customer.

Permanently in contact with the different trades, our employees in Human Resources, Finance, Audit, Marketing and Legal Departments provide their expertise to our operational teams so that they can concentrate on their core missions.

High-performance information systems

Sanef can also rely on teams of experts who ensure the maintenance of information systems and support the other teams in their use of technologies and systems: administration of systems and databases, managing toll payment systems, intelligent transport systems and dynamic traffic management equipment and numerous technical fields that help in operating our motorways.

Some examples of different jobs:

• HR Developer
• Legal adviser
• Management auditor
• Communications officer
• Payroll manager